Fish for Striped Bass (Stripers), Bluefish, Fluke (Flounder), Weakfish, Wreck Fishing, Shark, Albacore, Blackfin, Yellowfin and Bluefin Tuna Fishing.
All trips can be customized to meet your individual needs.

Seafood Fishing Charters sails out of Forked River, NJ and fishes from Barnegat bay to Barnegat Inlet, and out to 50 miles offshore. Captain Ken Minnes and Captain John Cafiero have combined over 60 years in the local barnegat waters.

Not in the mood to fish? We also offer Sunset Cruises to long Beach Island (LBI) to see the Barnegat Lighthouse, as the sun goes down. Or try our sunset water cruise to The Captains Inn.
So we got you covered from inshore fishing from the Barnegat bay or ocean to offshore Big Game Tackle battling Monster Sharks or Bluefin Tuna to a relaxing sunset cruise.

We can accommodate from 1 to 6 passengers on our US Coast Guard Approved Vessel. Book Your Trip Today!

Captain Ken Minnes and Captain John Cafiero have combined over 60 years in the local barnegat waters


Seabass trips going off!

Seabass fishing on fire! This past week has been awesome non stop action on board Seafood Fishing Charters out of Forked River N.J. We have had non stop action on the nearshore shipwrecks! Black sea bass, tog, and even a keeper cod was caught this week on the boat! Every wreck fishing trip we reached our limit of sea bass. The striped bass action has slowed way down being that ocean temps are in the 70's already! We have some Tuna trips coming up, some of the local boats are pulling Bluefin Tuna as close as 38 miles! We're on em! The Mahi-Mahi should be coming in real close to the beach this year and we are very excited for this summer! Book a trip!
~Capt Ken 


Flounder Fising in Barnegat Bay

Flounder Fishing in Barnegat Bay has been great!
We haven't updated so much on reports because we have been fishing a lot this month; however, the fish keep coming! Flounder are in the 17-23 inch range in most of the Bay's hot spots. We have had a lot of happy customers who are choosing to stay inshore and target these fish. I think most of the bigger Striped Bass have migrated north unfortunately. The Shark fishing has been awesome as well, of coarse everyone is hearing about the shark attacks on the beaches up and down the East Coast but we are going offshore and targeting the bigger Mako, Thresher, and Brown sharks. Lots of fun fighting these beasts and seeing what they are made of.
Flounder Pounding in the Bay!  


Big Striped Bass migration

Barnegat Bay continues to produce many big bluefish and striped bass are beginning to move into the bay where water temps are 55-60 degrees in the deeper holes. Ocean temperatures near shore are 51 degrees and outside by the three mile line temperatures are about 56 degrees.

Today (Sunday) I decided to venture off shore a little bit and really pursue some of the bigger striped bass. Charter boats were packed together like sardines and many not so smart fisherman were getting tangled and cutting in and out of boating traffic trying to run over all the marks on the fish finder, which is very non-realistic to catch fish. I trolled North after exiting the Barnegat Inlet and out to the 3 mile line. (the legal catching boundary for stripers) I trolled clutch ahead around 2.6 kts in 60 feet of water. This trip I used Tony Maja bunker spoons white and green in color attached to wire line and 80 pound braided backing. I was marking a lot of bait underneath 40 feet so decided to drop the spoons below them around 50 feet. (Trolling at slower speeds lets the bunker spoons sink and swim at lower depths.) I sunk them below the bait and trolled North away from the parking lot of boats. Within 30 minutes I had 2 knock downs (line screams for about 10 seconds and stops) I decided to switch things up. Myself and crew reeled our wire lines in, and attatched heavier spoons with treble hooks attached. not even 5 minutes into the troll, we had a fish on. With the line screaming, I had my mate clear all lines to ensure this fish was decked. 10 minutes of fighting and we netted the fish and boxed him. This striped bass measured 44 inches, and weighed 33.6 pounds. After landing this fish an hour into our trip boats swarmed like flies when seeing my rod bent, so i wanted to get away. I tried finding some bunker close to the beach but had no luck. After hearing of no more bass action we switched gears and decided to fight some gator size bluefish inshore and produced over twenty-five 10-14 pound bluefish within an hour of fishing.

A couple hours well spent for Seafood Fishing Charters. keep em tight and get on this action when the weather cooperates. Fish are everywhere. Spring time fishing is the best for New Jersey surrounding the Barnegat Bay area right now in the middle of May. 
God bless!
Capt. Ken


Great fishing continues onboard Seafood Fishing Charters

Another amazing day on board Seafood fishing charters. We trolled near structure most of the afternoon and found water temperatures in Barnegat Bay ranging from 72 degrees to 63 degrees. Barnegat bay is very tidal depended and it seemed that the majority of the fish we caught today were in the mid to lower 60's. Not many fish liked the top water action, but there was some surface chop being that the wind was blowing South East at 10-12 kts. This afternoon i decided to troll around and found some scattered bait and heavier marks on the fish finder in deeper water. This is the reason we used deeper swimmers to reach down into the water column where these fish were feeding, rather than top water poppers. We found a lot of fish again, all ranging from 8-16 pounds. A few days ago we had a 19.6 pound fish. Nothing breaking the 16 pound range today but an excellent day filled with action! I'm hearing more and more striped bass action off the beach and we are excited to fish Sunday to try and get some bass in the boat. We are trying to break our 51 Lbs record from two years ago =) Have a great weekend everyone! Keep em tight ~Capt. Ken~


Barneget Bay Fishing On Fire

Barnegat Bay is seeing the best spring fishing in years. The fishing this past weekend was absolutely amazing. The blue fish are all averaging 10-15 pounds. The weather for Ocean County Started off with a hard 15-20 MPH North East blow and the window of opportunity for these bluefish to really start feeding on the surface came when the wind calmed down. Winds switched offshore about 5-10 MPH Surface temperature in the Bay is averaging about 55 degrees ;however, the temps are warming quickly. The western part of the bay is reaching 60 degrees. Of coarse all of the temperatures are very tidal dependent. Sunday fishing was phenomenal on the western part of the Barnegat Bay near Waretown, Forked River, Ocean Gate, and Toms River. Blue fish were finning on top of the water and continued to bite in an aggressive, top-water busting manor. The slick calm conditions made it very easy to sight cast and target the bigger fish. All fish were caught on surface swimmers and poppers on top of the water column and it was a blast! I highly suggest everyone finds a window of opportunity this week to get out on the boat or to the nearest structure near a notable current source because we are expecting some weather and you do not want to miss out on this action. IT IS A BLAST fighting these fish. A lot of people say bluefish are not good eating; however, my recommendations are to try filleting these fish and frying up three inch chunks (after breading with your favorite fish batter) and making bluefish bites. It is great with fresh squeezed lemon! As for other action in the Bay, I have heard of some "weakfish" (grey trout) being caught near the south western portions of the bay. I usually start targeting these fish when water is consistently 60-65 degrees during the time the bigger fish come in to spawn, and we are getting close! I am also hearing of some striped bass being caught on the beach on clams. The migration has started!  It should be No time before the bigger bass show up. In the meantime, everyone enjoy this amazing weather and opportunity to have a blast catching fish!

tune in on Mondays and Fridays at 7:30 and 9:00 AM for more fishing action and report on WBNJ 91.9 FM.

For my fellow veterans out there! We are going to continue to run military discounts for all active and Reserve members of the armed services all season regardless of the trip, so take advantage of this amazing weather and and have a blast with seafood fishing charters!

~KEEP EM TIGHT ~ Capt. Ken ~ 609-312-3659


Barnegat Bay Heating up


Fish are starting to show in the Barnegat Bay in mass proportions. Seafood Fishing Charters launched yesterday from South Harbor Marina after getting some last minute touch-ups done on the bottom paint. I took a rod with me for the trip back to home port in Forked River. (of coarse I did) and was very fortunate to hook into some big blues up to 20 pounds. SUPER FUN FISHING. I trolled for about 30 minutes and landed about 20 fish ranging from 12-20 pounds. I haven't heard of many bass after the blues have showed up other than the beaches on Long Beach Island and Seaside Heights. I did hook into some bass late evening on thursday on the back western part of the bay, but nothing over 26 inches. I re painted some some old wooden fishing lures and spun a few treble hooks for dressings and they were no match for these blues; they needed to taste what i was giving them. Water temps in the Barnegat inlet are a whopping 47 degrees which is surprising but explains why the bass have been shy the last few days. The bay is a touch warmer up to 51, and the Oyster Creek outflow is 63 degrees. The weakfish should be showing up very very soon in the back bays, and the mommy bass along with their mates will be coming inshore for some lonely mating time so the mommys can spawn. This is prime time people! Spring has sprung and is starting off better than i thought it would be with how cold this winter was! God bless and Keep em tight,


I am also going to be broadcasting daily fishing and boating reports around 7:30 AM for the Barnegat Bay and surrounding areas on WBNJ 91.9 FM so STAY TUNED, and TUNE IN!


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